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Press - Rave Reviews and Tasty Testimonials

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"We left full and totally impressed." Read More

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"The cheesy no-bean burrito with mock sour cream and salsa is a mouth-watering belly pleaser." Read More

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"Vibe Cuisine's food teaches everyone that raw food is at its best when it comes straight from nature." Read More

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"The tomato sauce on the pizza and spaghetti is better than any I've ever had that was cooked." Read More

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"A rich complement of flavors and textures from fruits, nuts, veggies and seeds."

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"That was the best meal that I've had in months!"
View the Health Ranger's video review of Veggie Magic/Vibe Cuisine. Click here to watch.

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"It was without a doubt one of the best desserts I have ever placed in my mouth." Read More

Customer Testimonials

In terms of a GOOD health food restaurant VEGGIE MAGIC (aka VIBE CUISINE) is the best thing that ever happened to Sarasota, at least since I moved here in 1978.

First, the QUALITY of ALL the food is unsurpassed........ALWAYS fresh, ALL organic, NOTHING processed.

Second, the TASTE is sensational..........I never would have imagined that raw, organic fruits, veggies , seeds, and nuts could be combined in so many deliciously creative ways to have such exquisite taste and texture.

Third, the RESULTS are immediate, energetic, and visceral. I can literally taste the "Life Force" in the food and it is both light and energizing.

And fourth and finally, the staff is the best - radiant, friendly, and helpful, every one. You can feel the harmony and singleness of purpose of all the workers; and I'm sure the genuine love/good will put onto the preparation and serving adds to the taste as well as the immediate health benefits.

Viva Veggie Magic!

Jim Cain

Veggie Magic is the best restaurant ever! The food is full of love and the portions are generous. Each visit is a Thanksgiving feast. My body mind and soul are grateful for this high frequency food.

Natalie K

Catering of Double Wedding held in Tampa, FL on November 21, 2008

We have been to the weddings of so many of our friends and family members whose only vegan options were mashed potatoes and steamed carrot sticks. For our wedding we wanted the food we chose to excite our guests' palates and spark their interest visually while still holding with our belief that you can eat five star cuisine completely guilt-free. The Vibe staff made this experience nothing short of fantastic and Adriel made the process of tasting and finalizing a menu, usually wrought with turmoil and stress, one hundred percent pain-free. Our food was delicious, healthy, filling and beautiful. We are still receiving compliments of the choices we made three months later! We would recommend Vibe Cuisine for any occasion, especially those events that mean so much and will leave a lasting impression on all of your important guests who attend.

Ryan and Kari Mefford & Ben Baruch and Ani Dudar

After being 9+ years raw we have tasted many raw dishes from famous raw chefs.

Your restaurant is our favorite! We have sampled all of the items on your current menu and look forward to more in the future. The freshness of ingredients, purity of your recipes, preparation and presentation is top notch. Your staff is polite and courteous. All of these ingredients making for an awesome meal and dining experience. We will continue to spread the word of you and your raw restaurant.

We also want you to know that our doggies loved the dog vegetable mix, woof, thank, woof, you!

Many blessings to you and your staff!

Ralph and Jennifer Pesce

Absolutely delightful! We arrived a few minutes after they opened and they were ready to rock out our meal! The furnishings were Zen with a great offering of hard to get raw supplies. Music was soft with Zero 7 echoing. The staff was superb! We ordered quickly, ate quickly and enjoyed every last bite. I thought the most kind touch to the place was the "order number" which were different positive phrases like "Wonderful" and "Blessed". Since I have been thinking of moving to the area, the staff were so helpful and offered their own love of Sarasota and story of how they got there. We picked up "Supercharge Me" a variation of "Super-Size Me" in which the owner Jenna Norwood challenged herself to live cuisine for a month. Unfortunately we didn't see Jenna while there but her story was great to watch. I HIGHLY recommend this place with the beautiful staff and local meal program delivery for the Sarasota & Manatee county areas.

Raw Food Chick

I just had to write to tell you about our recent experiences with your OUT OF THIS WORLD food! The Massage Envy crew has eaten 5 lunches in 8 days! The sprouted asian rice is awesome, the burrito and rainbow wrap are wonderful, the Waldorf is crazy yummy and the ginger ale was fun too. The three of us actually felt better after 1 meal! Your staff and especially your amazing food are truly Impressive! You are doing the community a wonderful service by providing truly healthy and amazingly flavorful, seemingly medicinal food and awareness.

Pete Kapinos
Owner/Clinic Administrator
Massage Envy of Sarasota
4037 Clark Road
Sarasota, FL

I want to be sure to share with Jenna, Evona and each of you on the Veggie Magic/Vibe team what a magnificent job you all did this weekend. Thanks so much for bringing David Wolfe to us. What a tremendous gift to hear his many messages…about health, abundance, spirituality….how to bring harmony into our lives and the world. He brought incredible information and YOU ALL delivered memorable food, drink, hospitality and FUN!!

I have been to Veggie Magic many times in the past few weeks and I must share how refreshing and exciting it is for me to witness the many dimensions in which you all are evolving there. The whole team there is ALWAYS helpful, friendly and warm. The quality is consistent. The recipes continue to evolve into delightful creations. I so value that you promote the organic and local aspects as much as possible. You lead by example with the green practices.

You all represent goodness in the world and it is a pleasure for me to be able to recommend you. Your café and restaurant (and special events) are a true resource for this community.

It is a delight to be your guest,

Lisa Mirman - 10/08
Sarasota Holistic Moms Network

I have been all over the country to experience the very best of what Raw food gourmet has to offer and I have to say Vibe Cuisine is at the top of the list of world class elegance in live cuisine not only in taste but in presentation! Their crew is willing to go above and beyond to please. I was delivered amazing food two hours away and they delivered with a smile! Nothing beats their food and prices! With Vibe Cuisine, I have experienced the absolute best professionalism, kind attitude and greatest enthusiasm with their super friendly customer service, ultra positive staff and solid word of delivery. If you're looking for healthy food with exceptional customer service and ensuring products are delivered at above standard par, you're at the right place. I would highly recommend Vibe Cuisine to anyone! You will not be disappointed!

Dina El-Maddah
Founder of Belly Box

I am SO impressed with the food I got there yesterday that I wanted to be sure you and the whole team knows. It was our first time trying the "pizza" and "double-stacked hamburger" and I was immeasurably delighted by how authentic the tastes were and what wonderful texture and flavor. My husband and I had this as a "reward" for two weeks of a spring cleanse and I intend to share with everyone I see how awesome it was.

You all are magical in your ability to create, innovate, and prepare wonderfully wholesome food.

Lisa Mirman - 4/08

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