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Vibe Cuisine's Delicious Dish Meal Program

Our Delicious Dish Meal Program is an easy, convenient and affordable way to enjoy freshly prepared, organic, raw, vegan foods at your home or office. Our chefs have creatively constructed this menu to offer the most enticing flavors and diverse combinations of exciting & healthy foods. The benefits of eating organic raw foods are immeasurable. Let us help you reach ultimate health & wellness in the purest and most delicious way.

For more information or to sign up for the Delicious Dish Meal Program, please call us at 941 377 6209 or email us.
About our Delicious Dish Chef

6 complete meals, weekly $105 3 meals available Tuesday & 3 on Friday
6 complete meals, ½ week $105 6 meals available Tuesday or Friday
12 complete meals, weekly $210 6 meals available Tuesday & 6 on Friday
3 breakfasts, ½ week $20 Any 3 breakfasts of your choice
6 breakfasts, weekly $40 Any 6 breakfasts of your choice

3 desserts, ½ week $20 Any 3 desserts of your choice
6 desserts, weekly $40 Any 6 desserts of your choice

*We offer a 5% discount when meal programs are paid for one month in advance.

Step into the world of delicious, nutritious, practical eating and enjoy the results!


Asian Fusion
Nut Tuna Salad or Sushi • Sprouted Asian Rice • Seaweed Salad
Greenmarket Fresh
Rainbow Wrap • Waldorf Salad • Meet Me on Green Street
Creamy Tomato Curry • Cucumber Raita • Spinach Salad
Pizza Party
Sundried Tomato Pizza • Caesar Salad • Marinated Veggies
Picnic Basket
Nut-Chick-un Salad • Waldorf Salad • Vivacious Crunch
Seasonal Special
Fresh • Organic • Creative


Double Cheeseburger Stack • Creamy Coleslaw • Veggie Chips
South of the Border
Zesty No-Bean Burrito • Mexican Medley • Flax Chips & Dip
Little Italy
Mama Mia Pasta & Neatballs • Bruschetta • Caesar Salad
Falafel & Tahini Sauce • Tabouli • Flax Chips & Hummus
Southern Comfort
Country Barbeque Platter • Creamed Corn • Cheezee Broccoli
Seasonal Special
Fresh • Organic • Creative


Raw Vegan Yogurt
Avocado blended with fruit & natural sweeteners
Nuts, seeds & fruits dehydrated to a satisfying crunch
Sweet Bread
Homemade muffins and biscuits and breads, oh my!
Chef’s Morning Delight
Start your day off right with something prepared especially for you.


Black & White Brownie
A brownie base of cacao, walnuts, raisins & dates topped with a smooth filling of cashews, coconut, agave, cacao butter & vanilla
Amazing Apple Pie
A sweet & nutty crust made of brazil nuts, dates and raisins topped with crisp apples, raisins, ground flax & sweet spices
White Chocolate Blueberry Bliss
A crust of Brazil nuts, dates, raisins & lemon zest with a creamy filling of coconut, cacao butter, agave, cashews, vanilla & blueberries
Carrot Cake Kisses
Carrot pulp, walnuts, agave, raisins, cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg mixed and dehydrated to a moist cakey texture
Chocolate Truffles
Real raw cacao powder blended with nuts, dates, and exotic flavors
Raw Ice Cream or House-made Fruit Sorbet
Cashew milk blended with agave and seasonal flavors or organic fruit blended with agave and then frozen for a slushy refreshing treat
Seasonal Dessert Special
A pure, organic, indulgent surprise.

*Please note that substitutions may be made due to seasonal organic produce availability & the fresh nature of our food

Pickup & Delivery Information:
Half-week programs are available for pickup on your choice of Tuesday (2-4pm) or Friday (2-8pm).  Weekly & Monthly meals are available on both Tuesdays and Fridays after 2pm. Delivery options are also available. 

Delivery Charges:
Sarasota County – $8 - $10 / Tampa Area – $30
Certain minimums may apply.  Prices are per individual delivery. 
Please speak with a staff member for your exact rate.

Placing Your Order:
Please order by Saturday for the following Tuesday and by Wednesday for the following Friday.

For more information or to sign up for the Delicious Dish Meal Program, please call us at 941 377 6209 or email us.

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