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Adriel Zahniser, Cafe Chef & Manager


Adriel Zahniser is a highly-trained chef with degrees in both Culinary Arts and Dietary Nutrition. Her culinary work has taken her across the globe from Alaska to Australia to Germany and down to the Caribbean. An extreme passion for healthy, creative and outrageously delicious food has brought Adriel to Vibe Cuisine with the ambition of helping people to appreciate, savor and reap the benefits of the food they put into their bodies.

After years of learning the classical methods of baking, boiling, broiling, and bubbling away food, Adriel is excited to be working in a cool, serene kitchen where organic, fresh, nutritious and full-of-life foods are the only things on her cutting board.

Pots and pans aside, Adriel says “Vibe Cuisine is the RAW way to eat!”

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